Tooth enamel is the strongest entity in the human body. Yet, teeth are not considered as a ‘bone structure’ since unlike other bones, teeth aren’t able to regenerate once they are broken or damaged. 

The modern cosmetic dentistry techniques then came up with the ‘Dental Implants’ as the most effective long-term solution for damaged teeth. Since their introduction, dental implants are being extensively used around the world due to their strength and durability which are almost similar to natural teeth.

However, some of us are unaware of the problems caused by unreplaced damaged teeth/missing teeth and live with broken teeth for years. Hence, today, we’ll discuss how dental replacements really help in improving your lifestyle.

There are three fundamental reasons why replacing a damaged tooth is extremely important:


          1) Protecting Oral Health

tooth loss


          2) Preventing Discomfort

          3) Boosting Appearance


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