Dentists wear N95 masks while treating a patient to prevent getting infected due to the germs and bacteria present in their saliva and blood. However, after the government asked hospitals and dentists to resume their services during this COVID-19 pandemic, people have one question in their minds –  Is it safe to visit a dental clinic? The coronavirus spread through respiratory droplets, mostly the saliva. When a person coughs or sneezes in the open, the saliva droplets containing germs and harmful bacteria,virus particles comes out in the air and remain there for an extended period. If we inhale this contaminated air, the germs enter our respiratory organs. The germs and bacteria can make us fall sick if our immune system fails to fight the virus.  Similarly, when you visit a dental clinic, the dentist’s tools, equipment, and the dentist, too, comes in contact with the saliva droplets. A dental clinic may find it challenging to fight the germs if they lack:
  • Sanitisation of dental operators  rooms after every patient
  • N95 face masks
  • Separate waiting area for the patients
  • Follow-up of patient for 21 days after any dental procedure to check well being of patient.
How to visit a dentist during the pandemic? The best dental clinic in Wakad ensures following the safety guidelines as mentioned below:
  • All surfaces and tools, equipment are disinfected regularly.
  • All dentists and healthcare workers wear protective gear.
Also, our dentist in Wakad follows additional guidelines, such as:
  • Spaced out appointments
  • We will call you before your appointment with us.
  • We will check every person’s body temperature and other symptoms at the entrance.
  • We encourage patients to either come alone to visit or bring one person along with them.
  • Children should be accompanied by one of their parents.
  • We ask patients not to arrive early before the appointment. 
  • Arrive on time to prevent crowding the office space
  • Our waiting room chairs are placed six feet apart to maintain social distancing.
  • We encourage people not to touch anything like magazines or tools while waiting for the appointment.
When to visit a dentist? During this emergency situation, the best oral surgeon in Wakad at City Dental Clinic encourages people to delay their dental appointments if it’s not a severe case. Your appointment shall be booked only if the case involves:
  • Severe pain
  • Unstoppable bleeding
  • Tissue damage that needs an urgent biopsy
  • Swollen face, neck, or mouth
  • A broken tooth that is causing pain
  • Tooth infection (symptoms include pain and gum swelling)
  • Post-surgery treatment or dressing of the treated area
  • A lost or broken dental crown
  • Dentures that are causing trouble or doesn’t fit properly in your mouth
  • Oral cancer screening 
  • Accidental trauma that made it difficult for the patient to breathe
Take responsibility for your health and the people around you, as the virus can affect anyone. If you are suffering from fever, cold, or shortness of breath, immediately inform your dentist and get your appointment postponed.  Our healthcare workers, staff, and dentists in Wakad ensure our services are safe and healthy. And we expect the same co-operation with our patients too. Therefore, we first schedule a call with the patients to check whether the case is severe or mild. Accordingly, we proceed further with the treatment plan to achieve the desired results.  

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