From the day you were old enough to hold your toothbrush until you passed high school, all of us were always told to brush our teeth like it was a mantra to a better life. And we, without completely understanding the underlying reasons for it, all followed the rule. It indeed benefits all of us no matter if we truly understand why we brush our teeth or even ask other kids to do so, but don’t you think it would be more beneficial if you were able to understand and explain the facts behind this routine practice? Knowing why exactly we brush can help you do it better and with more confidence. This can help you not only to maintain your over health but also to lead a healthier life ahead. Hence, here are some of the essential reasons why all of us must brush out teeth regularly throughout our lives: It Keeps Our Breath Fresh: No one wants to go to work or even have breakfast with a stinky mouth. This oral smell is primarily caused due to the bacteria build-up and food deposits in your teeth and tongue. When you thoroughly brush and clean in the morning, removing all those build-ups, your breath becomes as fresh as the morning as you feel confident to start your day. It Prevents Gum Diseases: Our gums easily get affected due to the yellow plaque that forms between the gaps of the teeth and the gumline. If not removed regularly, this plaque build-up can lead to gum disorders like Gingivitis, where your gums bleed and become weak. For strong teeth, having sturdy gums is equally important, which is why your brushing regime also focuses on cleaning around the gums. It Keeps Our Smile White and Bright: Yellow and stained teeth make you mentally anxious and insecure about your smile. Moreover, stained teeth also degraded your overall personality as your teeth are most apparent when you talk to people. Keeping your teeth stain-free and bright is a process that is achieved only by brushing regularly. If your teeth are white, your smile will undoubtedly look and feel bright. It Protects The Unborn Baby’s Health: If you’re pregnant, you must know that plaque built up in the mouth has been linked to various birth-related complications such as premature birth or low birth weight. Since the bacteria and plaque deposits can easily enter your mouth and mix with your bloodstream, they can affect the unborn baby’s health adversely. Hence, expecting mothers have to be more careful about brushing and maintaining their oral health. It Prevents Potential Risks Of Other Disorders: If plaque build-up mixes with your bloodstream, it has been found to potentially cause cholesterol build-up in the arteries, which can ultimately lead to disorders such as heart attacks or stroke. Poor gum health has also been linked to an increase in your risk of developing dementia by 30% to 40%. Hence, a simple habit of brushing daily actually saves you from a range of health risks altogether. It Saves You A Fortune: Considering all the points mentioned above, regular brushing not only saves you from spending on oral health problems, but it also protects you from several other health risks that could cost you heavily. It is safe to say that it ultimately saves you from spending a fortune in the long run.   To ensure that you don’t miss out on any essential facts or tips, it is always recommended to consult a professional dentist now and then. If you ever feel the need to visit a dentist in Wakad who can help you with all your dental problems and questions, then come down to our City Dental Care Clinic. Headed by the most adept and friendly oral surgeon in Wakad, here you can surely find the most effective oral health solutions. You can visit the City Dental Care website to book a quick appointment or read more about the advanced treatments we can provide for getting your dental implants in Wakad.

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