We are trying our best to prevent sickness and manage our disorders to avoid visiting hospitals and clinics during this pandemic crisis. We’re learning about healthy diets, exercises, and work habits now more than ever. However, some problems are just inevitable and always occur when uncalled for, especially dental problems.  The thing about dental problems is, they can affect people of different ages differently due to their overall health and habits. And following the same dental regime for everyone in the family may have been helpful, but it isn’t enough to prevent the unique dental problems that may occur in your kids, your teenagers, and the grandparents distinctively. Preventive treatment measures like fluoride application and pitfissure sealant can be considered in young children who are more prone for having dental cavities . Hence, let’s look at some extra precautionary oral care regimes for the individual members of your family, suggested by our dentist in Wakad

Oral Care Tips In Toddlers:

Growing kids learn faster, making them susceptible to developing any habits they are taught at an early age.  Hence, this is the best time to expose them to healthier foods and teaching them how to maintain oral hygiene in the right way. Once they learn how to brush their teeth and clean their tongues, all you’ll have to do is monitor their sugar intake and ensure that they follow these habits until they are old enough.

Oral Care Tips In Teenagers:

Youngsters of today are too experimental and attracted to fast foods. Though they are intelligent enough to brush and glass twice a day, they still can’t discard unhealthy foods or focus on their water intake. You must remind them of these factors from time to time.  Another habit they may develop is pulling or opening objects with their teeth, and you have to prevent them from doing so at any cost, as it can cause dental accidents and lifelong problems to their teeth. If they have a habit of grinding or clenching their teeth during the day or night, point it out when they do so and by them mouthguards by consulting our dentist in Wakad.

Oral Care  for Elderly:

Your parents and grandparents may already be avoiding eating hard foods, which is good. But you should keep a lookout if they use toothpicks or pins for removing food that is stuck or deposited in their teeth and immediately stop them.  If they wear dentures, ensure that they clean it and handle it carefully. Ask them to rinse their mouths with saline water and brush their dentures after every meal.If they complain about pain in their gums due to the dentures, ask them to remove it and massage their gums for relieving pain. Following these and other good oral health practices can help you prevent dental problems greatly. But there are specific problems which can be inevitable and require immediate attention from a dentist. And if you ever need a Maxillofacial Surgeon in Pune, City Dental Care is always here to serve you. Our entire staff is geared and ready to provide safe and effective dental treatments throughout the pandemic and after. You can also visit our website to directly reach out to our expert and get quick dental solutions from the best dentist in Wakad.

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