This pandemic period may be an unknown threat to other healthcare professionals, but not dentists. Dentists regularly face infectious viruses and bacteria as their treatments are directly associated with their patients’ oral fluids. Since most patients don’t share all of their medical histories and habits, dentists have to presume extreme precautions while providing any dental treatment.  Our dentist in Wakad mentions that the risk of contracting infections from patients is high even when performing simple cleaning or oral examinations, as droplets or sprays of saliva or blood can erupt and settle on their gear, skin, or other surfaces. This is why the severe threat of COVID-19 has pushed them to be more stringent with their clinical precautions and treatment policies. COVID-19 essentially puts everyone within a space in danger, as the carrier of the virus can be asymptomatic, and the virus can survive on surfaces for several hours. And to prevent this, the best course of action is to minimize the crowd and prioritize treatments according to their emergency. Care is taken to avoid any cross infection between doctor to patient and patient to patient. Only selected number of appointments given and Procedure area and waiting is been cleaned a/ sanitizer after every patient.
How Are Dental Treatments Provided During The Pandemic?
The clinical guidelines were changed, keeping in mind both patient’s and doctor’s health safety. Even the best dental clinic in Wakad has reduced its intake to limited pre-booked appointments separated by at least an hour or half. Most clinics closed their waiting areas and cash payment option.  Almost all dentists established their telehealth services for online consultations. Routine check-ups and simple pain management treatments are preferred to be performed online.
Which Dental Treatments Will Be Offered During The Pandemic?
Immediately after the lockdown, dentists decided to prioritize emergency dental treatments over non-urgent or cosmetic treatments and even canceled them at times. Now that the situation is somewhat manageable, dentists are trying their best to offer all dental treatments but with the right priority.  Hence, many follow-ups and pain management consultation cases are given online appointments with specified slot timings, and clinical appointments are saved for physical treatments. Now, treatments for dental extractions, root canals, gum disorders, or dental accidents may be treated as a high priority as managing pain is extremely difficult in such situations. Other cosmetic and painless dental conditions such as teeth whitening, broken or chipped teeth, halitosis (bad breath), concerns about dentures, crowns, or bridges may not be treated as a priority and can be delayed. At City Dental Care, our dentists are striving to provide all necessary dental services with our advanced practices without compromising on even an iota of safety. If you’re looking for the best dental clinic in Wakad to get emergency dental problems, you can reach out to us through our website and book prompt appointments to get the latest dental treatments.

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