In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly dominated major headlines around the world and affected the lives of the entire human population in unimaginable ways. The impact of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis can be majorly felt across the health care sector. If you are suffering from an unbearable toothache, we understand that it may be confusing for you to decide whether you should visit a dentist in these difficult times or not.  However, our team of dentists in Wakad will address any doubts related to the oral care provided by City Dental Clinic during the COVID-19 pandemic. A root canal treatment may be necessary if the tooth is severely damaged and infected.  Here are a few things you should know before visiting City Dental Care for a root canal treatment. Our team of some of the most experienced root canal specialists in Wakad is committed to complying with the safety and infection control protocols laid down by the regulatory bodies. While the standard protocols are strictly being followed with the utmost care, at City Dental Clinic, we are going the extra mile when it comes to safety to ensure optimum patient care and experience during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Some of the practices that are being followed at our clinic include:
  • Record of the travel history of the patients
  • Temperature check of every patient once he /she enters clinic
  • Religiously monitoring the patients for symptoms and signs of infections
  • Our team, at all times makes use of gowns, gloves, face shield, and other safety equipment to ensure minimum unrequired contact
  • Our staff is largely focused on implementing safe work practices such as keeping the hands away from the face and limiting contact with surfaces
  • Timely cleaning of disinfecting public areas such as door handles, counters, chairs, etc. 
  • Social distancing at all times.
Follow up checkup /call  for the treatment within 7 days  At City Dental Care, our team is focused on providing a safe and effective root canal procedure without compromising on the safety of our patients. In comparison with the normal times, we are likely to ask you some additional questions to ensure the safety of our patients as well as staff members. If you are considering opting for a root canal procedure during the COVID-19 pandemic, do not worry! Schedule an appointment with City Dental Clinic and allow our team of dentists in Wakad to address your dental problems!

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