What is Teeth Polishing or Teeth Scaling?

Teeth scaling in simple language is known as teeth cleaning, is a normal dental procedure in which the tartar and plaque which are deposited on the teeth are removed using an ultrasonic device. Plaque is a soft yellowish film of decayed particles coated on teeth, whereas tartar is the hardened form of plaque deposits.

The plaque and tartar deposits contain millions of bacterias, causing tooth and gum decay. There are many myths regarding teeth cleaning and polishing that refrains people from getting professional scaling done from Dentists . It’s time to understand facts and myths to make a prudent decision towards oral hygiene.

Myths and Facts

Myth #1: Scaling makes Teeth Weak And  Loose 

Fact:  Plaque and Tartar deposits give teeth a bulky appearance and grow above the gumline and supporting tissues. So on removal of the tartar , the gumline seems receded and loose. Tartar support is ‘ bad support’ of teeth that is scraped off. In a few weeks, the gums rejuvenate, and clenches to the teeth tightly, making them free from plaque which is home to millions of bacterias, thus making gums healthier. 

Myth #2:  Teeth becomes fragile and sensitive / Cleaning Teeth Involves removal of enamel( the outer layer of teeth)-

 Fact: It is a myth that the enamel layer is worn out during scaling, making the inner layers of teeth exposed, which is very sensitive. Cleaning of teeth is done with ultrasonic scaler devices, using mechanical vibrations of the blunt tip with continuous water irrigation. The hard tartar is removed, which is often misconstrued for enamel, but enamel or gum tissues remain unaffected. When the tartar is removed there will be a minute gap between the gums and teeth. So the inner portion of the gums are little exposed to the environment which causes the sensitivity. This sensitivity will probably vanish in a couple of days.

Myth #3: Scaling increases the gaps between the teeth

Fact: When the scaling is done, the film deposited is scored or scrapped off. Of course, the teeth seem thin and gum lines receded. These gaps are transient and vanish soon after the teeth settle back in the position as pathologically there is no teeth shift and no change in the orientation of teeth.

Myth #4: Scaling is painful 

Fact:  On the contrary , scaling is not that painful. During the procedure there will be mild vibrations felt because of the ultrasonic device which may cause a minor discomfort 

       Teeth scaling is safe, in fact, a good step towards maintaining oral health. Visit our City Dental Care clinic in Hinjewadi for customized, patient-oriented dental solutions. Our dental clinic in Wakad provides a wide range of dental and orthodontic solutions to people, making their smiles more beautiful.

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