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5 Reasons To Opt For A Root Canal Treatment Over Tooth Extraction

Traditionally, an infected tooth had no other remedy but complete extraction to prevent its infection from spreading across the jaw and relief the pain it caused. Though this was a safe option for solving the infection and pain problem, it subsequently led to some other dental issues which had to be dealt with individually, leading to excessive waste of money and time. 

However, with the modernization in dentistry tools and techniques, the new endodontic surgery, commonly known as ‘root canal treatment,’ is performed at the root of a tooth by extracting the decayed pulp which has been considered to be a better option than a tooth extraction. Also treating root canals is a simple outpatient procedure that lasts no longer than an hour, it has become one of the most recommended dental procedures today.

But more importantly, the reasons why root canal treatment is recommended over the tooth extraction procedure are as follows:

It Preserves the Natural Tooth:

No prosthetic can match the strength of the natural teeth, and with tooth extraction, we lose the entire natural tooth even if some part of it is healthy.

However, root canal treatment aims to preserve as much of the natural tooth and its soft tissues as possible and support it with appropriate prosthetics. 

Hence, when the pulp is removed, the remaining tooth is nourished from the surrounding tissues that remain intact with the jawbone. 

It Protects The Adjacent Teeth:

After a tooth is extracted, the gap created between adjacent teeth causes them to lose their supports and form. It also exposes them to other infectious bacteria in our mouth.

With a root canal, the dentist can carefully remove the infected fluids and bacterias and seal the tooth without having to remove it.

This keeps the adjacent teeth intact in their positions and ultimately prevents the infection caused by the deposition of microorganisms around the teeth.

It Eliminates The Risk Of Jawbone Disorders:

The soft and hard tissues of the jawbone are primarily protected by the teeth over it. Hence, removing even a single tooth can put the entire jawbone at risk of infectious intrusions.

Moreover, jawbone infections have been linked to the causes of several other health complications such as heart disease, respiratory infections, gastrointestinal infections, dementia, etc.

A single root canal treatment indirectly saves your body from all these subsequent health problems.


It Saves You From Excessive Pain & Expenditures:

It is one of the most painless procedures with fewer guidelines to follow before the treatment and during recovery. 

Unlike the tooth extraction procedure, after which you suffer from pain and eating problems for some time, your recovery after root canal treatment is quick and painless, without any limitations on eating or speaking. Plus, the chances of recurring infection or implant failure are almost negligible so that you can jump back into your routine life without any fear of procedural failure.

The technological advancements have dramatically reduced the cost of this treatment, and most of the dental clinics support financing options for it too.

It Beautifies Your Smile:

Wih decayed teeth or extracted teeth gaps, your smile will never be as beautiful as before, and such conditions often lead to social anxiety and insecurity issues.

With a root canal, your decayed teeth are cleaned and enveloped with fillings or a dental crown matching the tone of the other teeth, reinventing a smile that suits your face and boosts your self-confidence.


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