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Cosmetic Dental Treatment in Wakad

Cosmetic dentistry, also known as smile makeover treatment refers to the procedure that focuses on the enhancement of teeth, mouth, and smile appearance. We, at City Dental Care, emphasize more on restoring patient’s oral health to boost their confidence in professional and social life.
Have you recently looked into the mirror and felt like your smile is not appealing? Are you tired of hiding your smile in public due to stained, crooked, or misshaped teeth? City Dental Care, with its advanced developed infrastructure and facility and a team of dedicated professional doctors, will do everything in their power to give you an attractive and pleasing smile.


What Do We do?

Our cosmetic dentistry services have been a primary resource of our patients when it comes to considering the best cosmetic dentistry in Wakad. Some of our services include:

  • Modification of tooth shape and size – Veneers, laminates, and dental crowns
  • Rectify bites and misaligned teeth– orthodontic treatment appliances such as braces
  • Improve the shades of teeth – teeth whitening
  • Treat tooth decay – bonding, filling and crowns
  • Replace a missing tooth or a set of teeth – dentures, bridges or implants
  • Repair broken, chipped or fractured teeth – contouring and reshaping
  • Rectify gummy smile or irregularities in gum contour – Gum contouring or Gingivectomy
  • Depigment of dark gums – Gum depigmentation


Why Choose Us?

At City Dental Care, we aim for impressive treatment results that certainly bring a smile to our patient’s face. We always upgrade our treatment approaches to plan the best treatment plan that brings satisfactory results. Our specialist team of cosmetic dentists offers the best possible results through advanced cosmetic dental treatment in Wakad and smart deployment of the latest technologies at affordable prices.