Which Dental Treatments Will Be Offered During The Pandemic? And How?

This pandemic period may be an unknown threat to other healthcare professionals, but not dentists. Dentists regularly face infectious viruses and bacteria as their treatments are directly associated with their patients’ oral fluids. Since most patients don’t share all of their medical histories and habits, dentists have to presume extreme precautions while providing any dental […]

Ways To Prevent Dental Emergency During Covid-19 Outbreak

DURING COVID OUTBREAK, many of you have missed their regular dental check-ups. For those who are suffering from toothache and are unable to visit their dentist, City Dental Care is available for Audio consultation.  Maintaining good oral hygiene is crucial at this moment because most of the diseases are caused due to bacterial build-up inside […]

What Are The Best Tooth Replacement Options for Missing Teeth?

One out of four people is not so happy with their smile. As we age, our permanent teeth face a lot of challenges to stay stable in our mouth. Misshapen teeth, tooth decay, accidental injury, or tooth infection can be treated by eradicating the infected teeth, which leaves you with an incomplete set of teeth […]

4 Factors That Make Dental Implants The Safest Treatment In Modern Dentistry

Dental implants have evolved so drastically in the past few years that it was hard to keep up with all the newly emerging techniques. This was consequent to a dramatically rising demand for pearl-like shining teeth. There are multiple option of  treating or replacing deformed or defective teeth. However, some of us find it more […]

9 Causes and Remedies for Curing Tooth Sensitivity

Also known as Dentin Hypersensitivity or root sensitivity, it is a common dental problem where a tooth or a set of teeth experience sudden and severe pain with a weakening sensation when subjected to hot, cold or acidic substances. This pain is often temporary and lasts for a few seconds or a minute at most.   […]

Vital Signs That Indicate You Could Have Gum Diseases

Just like your physical health, oral health is equally important. However, in the current day and age, we often disregard the importance of maintaining good oral health. Further, it is essential to note that simply brushing your teeth on a daily basis does not guarantee the fact that the mouth is in perfect health. you […]


Oral health is one of the most underrated concerns of people unless it affects their eating habits and lifestyle. Making simple changes in food eating habits, you can improve your oral health. In this blog, we will discuss what to and what not to eat/drink to keep your teeth healthy and active.  City Dental Clinic […]


With modern-day dentistry, winning back your beautiful smile isn’t just a phrase anymore. Dentists today are utilizing their skills to not only prevent dental diseases but also to improvise and recreate the entire oral structure.  With treatments like ‘Smile Makeover’, cosmetic dentistry can alter your existing smile by procedures like  Teeth whitening Tooth implants Dental […]


The human tooth is primarily made of two parts; the Crown which is the visible part of the teeth above the gums, and Roots which attach this crown to the jawbone within the gums. Inside this tooth is a hollow section filled with blood vessels, tissues and other cells. This hollow section is known as […]

The Relationship Between Oral Health and Overall Health

It may come as a surprise for a lot of our patients and readers that there is a connection between oral health and overall health. What happens inside your mouth could make an impact on the other parts of your body. If there is an infection in the mouth, it can spread to other parts […]