Myths Versus Facts Of Teeth Polishing/ Scaling

What is Teeth Polishing or Teeth Scaling? Teeth scaling in simple language is known as teeth cleaning, is a normal dental procedure in which the tartar and plaque which are deposited on the teeth are removed using an ultrasonic device. Plaque is a soft yellowish film of decayed particles coated on teeth, whereas tartar is […]

The Pregnant Woman’s Guide To Dental Health

 It is important to care for your teeth and gums before pregnancy and during pregnancy. There is a possible link between gum (periodontal) disease in pregnant women and premature birth and low birth weight, which can put your baby at risk of a number of health conditions.  Research shows some premature births may be triggered […]

6 Reasons Why To Visit An Emergency Dentist

During this COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals and healthcare professionals were allowed only to operate on emergency cases to minimize virus transmission among patients. Where heart surgeons and psychiatrists were administrating their patients via online video calls, dentists were providing emergency dental care to prevent life-threatening, painful consequences. Visiting an emergency dentist can solve most of the […]

3 Essential Types Of Mouthguards And The One You Should Opt For

Mouthguards, as their name suggests, are designed to protect your jaw, teeth, and gums from external damage or injuries. Also known as mouth protectors, they also prevent your teeth from inflicting self-damage caused by habitual grinding or clenching while asleep. However, these protective guards are designed to serve a specific purpose, so there are different […]

How to Keep Your Teeth And Mouth Healthy?

Healthy teeth and gums will help prevent a lot of diseases and health conditions. Sadly, not every individual is determined to take their oral health seriously. People deliberately skip their regular dental check-ups, consider taking OTC medicines over dental clinic visits, and replace treatments with home remedies. As a result, they suffer from severe dental […]

6 Reasons Why Everyone Forces You To Brush Your Teeth

From the day you were old enough to hold your toothbrush until you passed high school, all of us were always told to brush our teeth like it was a mantra to a better life. And we, without completely understanding the underlying reasons for it, all followed the rule. It indeed benefits all of us […]

5 Reasons To Opt For A Root Canal Treatment Over Tooth Extraction

Traditionally, an infected tooth had no other remedy but complete extraction to prevent its infection from spreading across the jaw and relief the pain it caused. Though this was a safe option for solving the infection and pain problem, it subsequently led to some other dental issues which had to be dealt with individually, leading […]

5 Surprising Things You Should Know About Your Dental Health

We all are aware of how crucial it is to maintain our oral hygiene. Most of the diseases and infection start with bad, decayed teeth. However, a large population fails to take their oral health seriously and dodge the dental appointments.  Your dentist is here to guide you with all the information needed to maintain […]

Everything You Need To Know About Tooth Decay Process

Tooth decay is one of the most common dental condition that affects 80% of children and adults. If left untreated, it can take a toll on your health in the form of gum disease, tooth loss, mouth infection, and even oral cancer. Fortunately, there are medicines and dental treatment available at the best dental clinic […]