Root Canal Recovery Process

The 4 Golden Rules of Root Canal Recovery Process

Root canal treatment is often misunderstood as one of the most painful procedures. The fact is that root canal treatment has become the most painless procedure with modern techniques and equipment. On top of it, it also protects your teeth from tooth extraction and preserves your natural teeth and smile. 

So, if you are concerned about the recovery process after root canal treatment, it’s quite simple, follow these rules:

Rule 1: Follow your doctor’s instructions

When you visit a professional root canal specialist in Wakad, he or she will enlist a few tips and instructions to follow. Do not hesitate to raise a question or call the clinic if you witness any abnormality in your teeth. Typically, your doctor will insert a crown on top of your teeth to protect it from any damage, overbite, or grinding. 

Rule 2: Check for Side-Effects

Although a professional root canal specialist in Wakad will ensure his patient recovers without any pain or discomfort, it is the patient’s duty to check for any side effects. Make a quick visit to your root canal specialist  in case you have:

  • Severe pain
  • Visible swelling inside or outside the mouth
  • Sensitivity with hot food 
  • An uneven bite
  • The fall of temporary filling or crown
  • Your pre-root canal symptoms are still present

A follow-up visit will allow your dentist to examine the treated tooth, determine the cause of the side-effect, and address it adequately.

Rule 3: Be kind to your teeth

For the first few hours after treatment, your mouth will stay numb because of local anesthesia .. Therefore, avoid eating hard items or too hot/cold products, since your mouth won’t be able to warn you. Try drinking more liquid and eat soft items such as bread, soup, and well-cooked food that require less chewing.

Try to avoid buying on the tooth till treatment completes 

Rule 4: Brush your teeth

Keeping your mouth infection-free is very simple. You just need to brush twice a day or after every meal, for the best results. Use a medically prescribed mouthwash and toothpaste. Floss at least once in a day, and never skip the follow-up appointments with your dentist. 

Once the crown or filling is removed after your treated tooth has healed completely, you can take care of your tooth like the rest of the teeth. Also, visit your trusted dental clinic once every 6 months to ensure long term results.

Any discomfort after treatment kindly visit the clinic for a check-up.

Good oral hygiene should never be underestimated. It not just prevents the diseases caused due to unhealthy mouth (gingivitis, bad breath, periodontitis, etc.), but also enhance the visual appearance of your smile. An attractive smile is a doorway to success. It boosts your confidence, improve speech, and develop your overall personality. Visit City Dental Care Clinic for more information regarding root canal treatments, surgical procedures, and cosmetic dentistry. We offer all types of dental treatments under one roof for our patient’s convenience.

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