Dental care during covid-19

Ways To Prevent Dental Emergency During Covid-19 Outbreak

DURING COVID OUTBREAK, many of you have missed their regular dental check-ups. For those who are suffering from toothache and are unable to visit their dentist, City Dental Care is available for Audio consultation. 

Maintaining good oral hygiene is crucial at this moment because most of the diseases are caused due to bacterial build-up inside your mouth, as a result of improper brushing. Especially people wearing braces or recently had a root canal treatment and are under a healing process – You should take extra precaution while eating, brushing, and flossing. Since you cannot go outside to visit your dentist in this pandemic, prevention is the only key to achieve good oral hygiene.

Your safety is our priority. So, to help people prevent dental pain or stop it from getting worse, I would request you all to follow a few easy yet important things:

  1. Avoid eating food items that are hard to chew.
  2. Avoid extreme hot, cold and aerated beverages if you have a history of sensitivity or broken teeth in your mouth.
  3. Avoid doing any maneuvers from your side in case you get sensitivity, pain or swelling.
  4. Call us. We can understand that all are going through tough times and additional household responsibilities but try to maintain good oral hygiene by brushing and cleaning the tongue twice daily, rinsing after every meal and flossing at night.
  5. Avoid sticky food if you have a crown (cap) or crown and bridge in your mouth to prevent its dislodgement.
  6. Patients whose Root canal treatment was in progress or got over but the cap wasn’t placed well, kindly avoid eating hard foodstuff on that side.
  7. Managing children in the midst of work from home is quite a task and parents might be providing them soft food and sweets so it is advisable to make your children brush their teeth after every meal to maintain good oral hygiene and avoid any dental visit as of now.
  1. Avoid accidental breakage of dentures while cleaning them as it can be repaired only in a lab or clinic which isn’t possible currently. Aged people need their dentures for a proper diet and immunity.

I am sure the above measures would prove to be helpful for you and your loved ones. For more dental concerns and queries you can get in touch with our expert dentist in wakad on call.

As a precautionary measure and to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we have kept the clinic closed until further notice.

However we are available for telephonic consultation or video calls for all in case of any emergency or queries.

We will notify you once we open the clinic.

Feel free to call for any emergency/pain/queries. You can even Whatsapp and share pictures of swelling if any on 8446666449, in case your call gets unanswered.

We are happy to help you.

We are available for Dental Emergency

Maintain social distancing and follow good hygiene.

Stay safe

Take care


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