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One out of four people is not so happy with their smile. As we age, our permanent teeth face a lot of challenges to stay stable in our mouth. Misshapen teeth, tooth decay, accidental injury, or tooth infection can be treated by eradicating the infected teeth, which leaves you with an incomplete set of teeth and affected jawbone. 

A missing tooth can affect one’s life in different possible ways. It affects their smile, causes eating disorders, and most importantly, affects your self-confidence while speaking or laughing in public. Fortunately, medical science has your back with amazing dental treatments that help people regain their missing teeth. In this blog, we will discuss some of the tooth replacement options and what are their benefits.

Dental Implant

It is the best, most-effective, and permanent solution for missing teeth. They are designed to replace the natural tooth/teeth artificially and are inserted into the jawbone to support a replacement crown, dentures or bridges.


  • It offers a natural-looking smile
  • Durable and permanent
  • Easy to maintain
  • It is the only tooth loss treatment that prevents jawbone loss
  • With proper care, it has a longer lifespan

Note: Dental implants offer the best aesthetic results and therefore, it can be expensive. For best results, visit City Dental Care for the best dental implants in Wakad and get a long-term solution for tooth loss.

 All-on-Four Implant-Supported Dentures

In this treatment, four implants are used to support the entire lower-arch of the teeth. Similarly, six implants are used to support the whole upper-arch. Two implants are inserted at the front of your teeth, and the remaining implants are added at a 45° angle tilted towards the back of your mouth.


  • Affordable, as fewer implants are being used
  • Comparatively more substantial and durable than dentures
  • Can be removed easily for cleaning purposes

Note: This treatment is relatively affordable and allows patients to enjoy a wide variety of food. However, dental care is mandatory to chew hard food items, as it can damage the dentures.

Implant-Supported Fixed Bridge

In this procedure, you need not replace each tooth with a dental implant. Instead, you can restore several missing teeth or even an entire arch with the implant-supported fixed bridge. This type of bridge might be cemented or screwed into places, and are covered up by a tooth-like composite resin to make your teeth appear natural.


  • Provide excellent aesthetic results
  • They feel and look like natural teeth
  • Easy to maintain while brushing and flossing
  • Lasts for many years before being replaced

Note: If you are looking for a tooth replacement treatment that provides stable and strong teeth without being removed, our dentist in Wakad suggests implant-supported fixed bridge is an excellent choice.

Removable Partial-Complete Denture

A removable partial-complete denture is suggested to patients with one of multiple tooth loss in the same arch, which may or may not be adjacent to each other. The dentures are made of an acrylic base and are strengthened by a cobalt chrome metal framework.


  • Provide support to correct the sunken muscles of your cheeks, lips, and jaw to offer you a younger-looking appearance
  • Improves speech and your ability to chew food
  • Can be realigned according to the changing shape of your jaw muscles
  • They are less expensive than fixed bridges and implants
  • The procedure is non-invasive and relatively quick to apply

Note: Dentures can sometimes be unstable and uncomfortable to wear. It also needs to be replaced frequently and do not offer a long-term solution.

Did you find your tooth replacement option? Are you still confused to choose the best-suited treatment? Get in touch with our orthodontist in Wakad, and we will help you find the right treatment after thoroughly examining your physical health and oral hygiene. To learn more, book your appointment today with City Dental Care, Wakad.