During this COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals and healthcare professionals were allowed only to operate on emergency cases to minimize virus transmission among patients. Where heart surgeons and psychiatrists were administrating their patients via online video calls, dentists were providing emergency dental care to prevent life-threatening, painful consequences.  Visiting an emergency dentist can solve most of the dental complications without any higher long-term cost. Also, it helps in preventing harmful consequences by offering the right treatment at the right time. Other benefits of visiting an emergency dentist are:
  • It helps prevent permanent tooth loss.
  • It provides immediate pain relief.
  • It minimizes your long-term dental costs.
  • It improves your teeth aesthetically.
  • It helps prevent spread of oral infections.

When to visit an Emergency Dentist?

Some dental problems can get managed via home remedies or OTC medicines. But, there are some tooth related problems   that one should immediately discuss with a professional dentist, such as: Knocked-Out Tooth/Teeth: Sports injury or accidental trauma can result in tooth loss, which becomes an extremely distressing experience. An emergency dentist will preserve the roots of your natural tooth or recommend dental implants for improved oral health. Broken-Chipped Tooth/Teeth: A severely damaged or chipped teeth can cause severe pain and discomfort while speaking and eating. An emergency visit to a dentist can help reconstruct the teeth via dental veneers, dental crowns, and dental bond to retain the aesthetic appearance of your smile. Lost Crown/Filling: If you have lost your dental crown or disrupted the dental filling, make sure to visit a dentist and fix it to prevent further tooth damage.try to replace the same crown within four days to avoid ill-fitting of the same crown. On-time care will save the hassles of future dental complications and dental surgeries.   Severe Toothache: A severe toothache affects not just the teeth but also the neckline, jawbone, and ears. If you are experiencing throbbing pain in your teeth, immediately consult our expert dentist in Wakad. Swollen Jaw: A swollen jaw accompanied by high fever and a bad taste in the mouth indicates severe underlying dental infection spreading in the adjacent area of tooth and surroundin tissues. Therefore, connect with your dental expert, and they shall address your concern with an effective solution. Bleeding Gums: Recurring bleeding gums can be an initial symptom for various dental conditions. Make sure you visit the best dentist on time to see what’s going on inside the mouth.  City Dental Care has been offering world-class emergency dental services during this pandemic. We are taking all kinds of necessary precautions and following all the safety protocols and governmental guidelines to provide the best dental services to our patients. Connect with our expert dentists and team to learn more about routine dental check-ups and effective treatment to improve your oral health. 

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