Post Covid dental complication: MUCORMYCOSIS of jaws

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India and all other countries worldwide are now in the battle against the global pandemic.Covid-19 brings fear and anxiety among people not only because of the severity of viral infection in the respiratory system and the treatment cost, but also the numerous post Covid conditions andconsequences. Amongst the various post Covid complications Mucormycosis is one […]

7 Ways Dentists Can Help Enhance Your Beauty

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Don’t you try home remedies on having dental problems? Of course, some remedies work, but what if they do not? You only end up increasing the intensity of the dental problem, which can also hamper your look. Earlier, people fringed at modification of look, but today, easy and safe cosmetic surgeries have attracted more prospects […]

Myths Versus Facts Of Teeth Polishing/ Scaling

What is Teeth Polishing or Teeth Scaling? Teeth scaling in simple language is known as teeth cleaning, is a normal dental procedure in which the tartar and plaque which are deposited on the teeth are removed using an ultrasonic device. Plaque is a soft yellowish film of decayed particles coated on teeth, whereas tartar is […]

The Pregnant Woman’s Guide To Dental Health

 It is important to care for your teeth and gums before pregnancy and during pregnancy. There is a possible link between gum (periodontal) disease in pregnant women and premature birth and low birth weight, which can put your baby at risk of a number of health conditions.  Research shows some premature births may be triggered […]

6 Reasons Why To Visit An Emergency Dentist

During this COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals and healthcare professionals were allowed only to operate on emergency cases to minimize virus transmission among patients. Where heart surgeons and psychiatrists were administrating their patients via online video calls, dentists were providing emergency dental care to prevent life-threatening, painful consequences. Visiting an emergency dentist can solve most of the […]

Which Dental Treatments Will Be Offered During The Pandemic? And How?

This pandemic period may be an unknown threat to other healthcare professionals, but not dentists. Dentists regularly face infectious viruses and bacteria as their treatments are directly associated with their patients’ oral fluids. Since most patients don’t share all of their medical histories and habits, dentists have to presume extreme precautions while providing any dental […]

3 Essential Types Of Mouthguards And The One You Should Opt For

Mouthguards, as their name suggests, are designed to protect your jaw, teeth, and gums from external damage or injuries. Also known as mouth protectors, they also prevent your teeth from inflicting self-damage caused by habitual grinding or clenching while asleep. However, these protective guards are designed to serve a specific purpose, so there are different […]

How to Keep Your Teeth And Mouth Healthy?

Healthy teeth and gums will help prevent a lot of diseases and health conditions. Sadly, not every individual is determined to take their oral health seriously. People deliberately skip their regular dental check-ups, consider taking OTC medicines over dental clinic visits, and replace treatments with home remedies. As a result, they suffer from severe dental […]