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Dental implants have evolved so drastically in the past few years that it was hard to keep up with all the newly emerging techniques. This was consequent to a dramatically rising demand for pearl-like shining teeth. There are multiple option of  treating or replacing deformed or defective teeth. However, some of us find it more concerning to add metallic and acrylic parts in our mouths fearing a negative effect in the long run. The replacent option are removal partial denture and fixed bridge with help of  taking support from adjacent teeth.The recent and most advance option of replacing teeth is Dental implants. People have  many doubts and dilemmas regarding dental implants and they can be clarified with proper awareness and a researched-based approach towards understanding dental implant procedures and prosthetics. These implants are handled only by highly trained professionals who specialise in the whole separate branch of oral care known as ‘Implant Dentistry’. It has been around for several years now and its benefits are far better than the old days. To give you a brief overview of its current credibility and safety, here are a few factors of implant dentistry practice today:   General Safety Of Dental Implants: To start with, dental implants are one of the dental procedure with an efficiency of 90 % success in most ofb cases.  Dental implants are designed to smartly replace missing, damaged and infected teeth which can not be saved  and improve the overall appearance and hygiene of your mouth. And the most successful benefit achieved by dental implants is preserving the natural tooth as much as possible. As they’re screwed with the natural bone and are biocompatible in nature, they merge with the natural tooth and regain its natural biting strength.  As these implants are made from materials that are decay-proof, they end up lasting much longer than the natural teeth itself. Replacing a decaying tooth with a hygienic implant also prevents the spread of decay and secures the jawbone from being affected thereafter. There are next to no contraindications associated with implant treatments and they do not require any additional maintenance making them more safe and friendly for all other dental parts. Benefits of Bone Grafting: In other treatments, to restore a tooth there has to be some part of the natural bone preserved in the jawbone. In some cases there is less amount of bone present to put implant .then we need to use artificial bone or patient own bone where the bone is deficientcent. The purpose of this natural bone is to help the implant fuse with the jawbone and regain optimal protection and strength. However, dental implantation technique can do without any natural bone by using bone grafts from other bones. A graft is a layer of tissues removed from a healthy part of the body and added to a weakened region. This bone graft can be an ‘autograft’ i.e., taken from your own body, or an ‘allograft’ i.e., taken from a donor’s body, or even an ‘alloplast’ i.e. a graft created with synthetic bio compatible material. Such bone grafts provide additional support and act as the medium for fusing the implant with the jawbone. This is a major factor which makes implants more safe and natural for your oral system. Benefits of Titanium Implants: Titanium prosthetic teeth were introduced by implant dentistry many years ago as the most secure and sturdy option for replacing missing and damaged teeth. Titanium implants have been known to last for several years if maintained properly. And as they are cheaper than other biocompatible materials, they are more accessible to the general public. Also, as they can sustain the highest bite pressure as compared to other materials, they add to safety by never loosening or coming off easily and hurting the surrounding skin. A Safe Option For Diabetic Patients: A lot of diabetic patients think that implants might cause a negative side-effect or their medications would be a contraindication. However, a focused study has shown that dental implants are a safe dental procedure and should be opted by any diabetic freely. That being said, a diabetic patient must discuss their medications with the dentist first to ensure utmost clarity and safety.Patients having controlled blood sugars have better success rate with the implant procedure..   If you’ve been troubled by a broken or infected tooth for some time and are looking for a place to get the best dental implants in Wakad, then City Dental Care is your one-stop solution. Being one of the most well-known and trusted dentists in Wakad, they provide a variety of advanced implant treatment options for you to choose from and at the most affordable costs. Visit the City Dental Care website and reach out to the most friendly and helpful dentist in Wakad.