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A majority of people are considering dental crowns to address all kinds of tooth and mouth problems. However, many people often misunderstand the concept of installing dental crowns and how it improves the dental aesthetics of a patient. You need not feel intimidated by the dental crown appointment. Visit the best dentist in Wakad, and they will determine whether or not the procedure shall benefit you. The dental crown procedures are logical and very straight-forward. Here is everything you need to know about dental crowns and why you shouldn’t be afraid of it. What are dental crowns? They are defined as fixed prosthetic restorations used to repair a damaged tooth and bring it back to its original shape and size. The crowns are permanently cemented on teeth that are cracked, extensively decayed, or severely damaged. Essentially, the crowns replace the outer part of your natural teeth and therefore referred to as a crown. It encases the entire damaged portion of your teeth above the gum line. They are custom-made to fit in every patient’s mouth and are designed using various materials such as ceramics, porcelain, gold, or resin. When to consider using dental crowns? A dental crown protects your weak teeth, restore broken teeth, prevent cracked teeth from further damage, and support teeth that have large fillings. They are also used to hold dental bridges in place. Patients who want their teeth to get straighten and align their teeth in place can opt for a dental crown. Crowns are made to look as natural as your natural teeth so that you don’t have to compromise on the aesthetic appearance of your smile. How do they work? The crowns are fit over the top of the teeth to protect what’s underneath. For placement of crown, dentist reduce the tooth structure from all the sides of tooth to accommodate the thickness of the crown. Then the measurement of jaws taken..and sent to lab for a customized crown for that particular patient. Our dentists will cement it on top of the teeth to prevent the tooth from breaking apart. The crowns are made of very resilient and durable materials to endure the pressure of chewing. Once your doctor cements it on top of a natural tooth, it becomes a part of that tooth.  How do dental crowns help? It restores the shape, structure, functionality, and strength, and appearance of your teeth. Many patients consider city dental care in Wakad to protect the vulnerable part of their teeth through dental crowns. It restores the structural integrity of your mouth and improves the bite. A missing tooth leaves a gap in between, which further impacts you’re biting, speaking, and at times get embarrassing to laugh in public. By filling that gap with a custom-made dental crown, your mouth gets a proper structure and fuller smile.  Crowns are the most-sought dental treatment among patients. One reason behind its popularity can be the indistinguishable nature of the crowns. When installed on your natural teeth, it looks and feels like a part of your teeth. One can never differentiate whether your teeth are natural or crowned.  There are variety of crown options are avilable from metal ceramic crown,to metal free crowns.monolithic,e max crowns..  Notably, dental crowns cannot always be the solution for all your dental problems. You need to consult the best dental clinic in Wakad, such as City Dental Care, where our expert dentists examine the patient for quality diagnosis and then determine the best-suited treatment for effective results. To learn more about our cosmetic dentistry, pediatric dentistry, and dental surgery, visit our website and get in touch with our professionals. We ensure the best care and support is provided to our patients and helps them reclaim their beautiful, confident smile.