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Preventive Dental Care in Wakad

At City Dental Care, we offer preventive dental care in Wakad that includes educating the patients on various dental treatments and daily life habits to maintain teeth and gums. Regardless of their age, different treatment procedures are performed to restore a patient’s oral health.

Treatment Overview

dental specialist will first examine your medical history and evaluate your health conditions. It is often performed to detect any tooth decay or underlying dental problems. Then after, your dentist shall plan your treatment procedure and rehabilitation program. It includes:

  • Your dentist recommending teeth cleaning once in every 6 months
  • Recommend orthodontic treatments to enhance your smile
  • Education on how to prevent gum disease and cavities
  • A treatment plan to reverse the early signs of dental problems

Poor oral health, if not treated, can become the root cause of many issues such as diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, respiratory disease, and even cancer, which can be fatal.
Visit City Dental Care and secure your family’s oral health to achieve a healthy and quality life.