What’s Better : A Dental Bridge Or A Dental Implant?

Today, You’ll find an array of treatment options for treating every dental problem. These treatments are highly personalized and readily available in most of the dental clinics. However, such panoramic availability often creates a dilemma of choosing a treatment that would be best for you. And since different individual methods can be applied for one […]


The human tooth is primarily made of two parts; the Crown which is the visible part of the teeth above the gums, and Roots which attach this crown to the jawbone within the gums. Inside this tooth is a hollow section filled with blood vessels, tissues and other cells. This hollow section is known as […]

6 Wisdom Tooth Extraction Facts You Need To Know

Wisdom tooth eruption is typically associated with pain and discomfort. Wisdom tooth extraction, as the name suggests, is performed to remove the third molars found at the top or bottom at the back of the mouth. Although the procedure is straightforward and typical worldwide, patients do not look forward to it. Usually, it is essential […]