What is composite filling for teeth?

What is composite filling for teeth- BANNER

Cavities can be the root cause of several dental maladies. Thanks to improvements in dental technology, you have a wide range of alternatives for maintaining your oral health and your attractive smile. For instance, in addition to conventional amalgam fillings, the majority of dentists are able to provide tooth-colored fillings. At your subsequent appointment, your dentist might recommend a composite filling for teeth—but only if you have a cavity. Let us learn more about composite fillings and how they function to repair cavities. 


What is composite filling for teeth?

For the purpose of restoring a tooth that has been damaged by decay, cracks, fractures, etc., a composite (tooth colored) filling is employed. After removing the decayed or damaged area of the tooth, a composite filling is placed instead.


There are numerous varieties of filler materials available, each with unique benefits and drawbacks. The ideal solutions for recovering your teeth can be discussed between you and your dentist. The two types of composite filling for teeth that are currently most utilized are the composite and silver amalgam. Composite fillings are more visually appropriate for use in front teeth or other exposed portions of the teeth since they may be carefully matched to the color of existing teeth.


Benefits of composite fillings

While having a healthy smile is always a plus, it’s worth considering if your dentist can provide you with a cavity treatment that also has aesthetic benefits.

composite fillings

As the material that is used is the same color as your tooth, it complements your natural teeth. These don’t contain mercury or other metals, in contrast to amalgam fillings (more on it later in the article). Instead, they are constructed from silica, glass quartz, or ceramic-reinforced resin.

To remove the decay and place a composite filling, less of your tooth’s natural structure needs to be removed. Although the treatment requires less intrusion into the tooth’s structure, the dentist shouldn’t need to drill as much to remove the decay.

Composite filling for teeth typically outperform amalgam fillings in terms of their ability to prevent cavities from forming. Because they adhere to your tooth more closely, they are also less prone to leak or break over time. Hence, composite resin fillings are a great option for anyone looking to protect their teeth from additional harm.

A composite resin filling has another important benefit if you have dental insurance. A rising number of insurance companies is increasingly covering composite fillings. In the past, insurance frequently only covered amalgam fillings.

Composite filling for teeth have a good shelf life and last longer if maintained appropriately. You may have a composite resin filling for 5-7 years before considering replacing it. You may have it even longer if you are diligent about daily dental care at home.


Process and duration of composite dental filling

Composite filling for teeth are typically installed in a single visit. You should anticipate spending an hour to an hour and a half for the procedure. It can take anything from 20 minutes to an hour to place an amalgam filling.

The amount of decay in the tooth that is filled is one aspect that affects how long the process takes to finish. Additionally, if you require applying sealants to your teeth after the filling, the procedure could take longer.

Treatment of the tooth is done for decay while the tooth is numb. After that, the area will be meticulously cleaned and ready for the new filling. A specific drug will be administered for further protection if the decay occurs close to the tooth’s nerve. Your tooth’s shape and function will then be restored by carefully positioning, shaping, and polishing the composite fillings.

When composite tooth fillings are first placed, it is common to feel sensitivity to heat and cold; however, this sensitivity will soon subside as your tooth becomes used to the new filling. At the end of your treatment, care instructions will be given to you. It will help to have a healthy diet and dental hygiene routines.


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